Our focus is to help companies improve operational performance enabling them to be more competitive, combining agile training with scrum methodology.  In a technology-driven society, enterprise operations are in a constant battle to protect, maintain, gain or improve market share.  Social media, disruption and management changes are perhaps three of the most  impactful drivers in business today.  As a result organizational training, and process management now has a much bigger role than ever.  Realizing that every client engagement is different, we focus on designing plans that are uniquely suited to meet customer demands.  

Capability Statement

     Snapstream is a boutique IT training, consulting and staffing firm, focused on helping clients expand and become more profitable.  Enterprise operations, regardless of size, are in search of skilled talent equipped to perform mission critical task with minimum supervision.  The objective is to make sure our contract resources are prepared to take on assigned roles immediately from day one.  


     We have created a service model that is designed with the customer in mind.  This is accomplished by offering clients pre-trained Snapstream certified skilled talent at scalable contract rates.

     Enterprises operations are complex heavily dependent on skilled resources to efficiently manage all facets of the business.  Mission critical to the success of any enterprise, depends on key departments including DevOps, SecurityOps, Distribution, Marketing, Customer Service, and Finance at a minimum.  Snapstreams service model is designed to uncomplicate and streamline the process.  Our services include Training, Talent Management and when required an Enterprise Assessment


Our Capabilities



     Snapstream provides curriculum to individuals and also small to large groups, catered specifically to the organization's needs.  Our courses provide high performance training for any Channel, Vertical, or Department.  Snapstream Trainers are Industry Experts who work for Fortune 500 Companies with over 20 years of experience


Staffing Services

     Snapstream LLC has abundant resources to meet the needs of the clients.  Our resources are Snapstream certified and best in industry who are result oriented.  This makes all the difference in the relationship with our customers. 



     Snapstream is the newest and most competitive consulting company in Atlanta! We help organizations of all sizes to adopt the 'Agile Best Practices' specific to their needs to increase business agility.

How Can we help you succeed

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