SAFe Agilist Training on August 8th and 9th discounted below early bird and retail price.

Rob Phillips teaches this class once a year so you don't want to miss out on a great instructor at amazing price.

If you sign up today, we will guarantee this training to take place.

One time only price of $729.99 per person (+taxes and Eventbrite fees). This is 56% off of retail price of normal $1299.00. Essentially, you save $570 more by taking this training from Snapstream.

Sign up here before time runs out:

Short details on what is on the eventbrite:
Snapstream LLC ( is excited to offer Leading SAFe -Leading the Lean Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework on a monthly basis in the beautiful city of Alpharetta, Georgia.


Day 1 (Wednesday Aug 8th, 2018): From 8:30-5:30

Day 2 (Thursday Aug 9th, 2018) From 8:30-5:30 there is possible of early finish on second day but is not guaranteed

On Day 1, Aug 8th, 2018 please plan on arriving at 8:00 AM. Hot breakfast will be served.

This is your opportunity to take serious training in a fun casual venue from a great provider that knows agile consulting. You don't want to miss out!

Most Recent Training Event

Click below to see some pictures from the March SAFe 4.5 Training event

Snapstream Agile Training Services

 If you don’t eat your own dog food, how can you lead or expect others to follow? The lifeblood of any successful and expiring business enterprise depends on training and execution”.  “Lean-Agile is core to what we do.” Ralph Shanks CMO/VP Sales & Marketing

Companies regardless of size have started to experience significant growth adopting an Agile best practice policy. The driver behind this paradigm shift is based on the flexibility of short sprint interactive processes favorable to quicker time to market response. As opposed to its traditional predecessor Waterfall which is linear and sequential in nature.      

Snapstream is an IT consulting firm focused on Lean-Agile transformation and training. Serving as departmental facilitators our Scrum teams are equipped to provide clients with tools helping them to become more productive. 

In every engagement, there are always transitional delays that can impact performance. We have found by Implementing training as a part of our solution portfolio, potential IT backlog process delays are eliminated helping to improve the client's value delivery.

Snapstream Leading SAFe 4.5 Certification Training

We  provide strategic guidance to companies that are implementing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). 

The  training focuses on  five primary areas:

  1. SAFe for Teams
  2. SAFe for Leaders 
  3. SAFe Scrum 
  4. SAFe Advanced Scrum 
  5. SAFe Product Owner/ Product Manager 


  • General SAFe Training (2 courses)
  • Role Based Training (3 courses)

General Courses:

  • SAFe for Teams (SP Certification)
  • SAFe for Leaders (SA Certification)

SAFe Role Based Training Courses:

  • SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM Certification)
  • SAFe Scrum Master (SSM Certification)
  • SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM Certification)

Our course addresses all areas of SAFe including public, on-site training and consulting.
We bring our experience, energy and passion for continuous improvement and innovation to every client engagement. As a trusted advisor our objective is to help clients achieve better outcomes,  improve economics and increase employee engagement applying Lean-Agile practices and principles. 


SAFe Training Contest Winner Announcement

 Congratulations to Patricia Tiffany for being the winner of Snapstream's Scaled Agile Framework enterprise (SAFe) training contest.   

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